Every year the sweet spot sandwiched between AACR and ASCO comes around all to quickly, as we’re wrapping up interviews conducted at one and preparing the previews for the other, never mind ESMO Breast, AAI, and ASGCT all coming in May as well.

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This year is no different and I’m delighted to say they segue rather nicely for once!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been writing about DNA damage repair and PARP inhibitors since 2008/2009 or so, and still this topic just keeps growing and growing!

We’ve certainly come a long way since those early days and now the broader DDR niche is also expanding as more targets are identified and evaluated, both in animal models as well as the clinic.

This list will also increase as CRISPR screens continue to identify synthetically lethal targets – some will be useful, others will fall by the wayside due to lack of efficacy or poor tolerability. Finding a balance between the two will therefore be a big key to success.

In this post we’re going to start with an update on the PARP1/2 inhibitors then catch up on data from other DDR family targets and finally explore a pipeline discussion with an industry expert who is well versed in the DDR field.

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