It’s time to talk about new developments in immunosuppression and some of the different ways in which companies are tackling the hostile tumour microenvironment.

Obviously there are many potential culprits from neutrophils, macrophages, myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSCs), adenosine, Siglec–15, and TGFβ to mention a few. There are others to consider as well, as we discuss with our latest experts in the hotseat.

Over the next couple of posts we will be highlighting different pipeline agents, along with in-depth expert interviews to explore some intriguing early or emerging approaches. Some are in preclinical getting ready to enter the clinic, while others are already being evaluated in phase 1/2 studies.

In this example of the genre, we had fun catching up on a biotech we first talked to a couple of years ago about their fledgling pipeline. How is doing now and what are they up to?

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