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Our latest post discusses key topics around the novel target shown on the right – brownie points to anyone who can guess which one it is!

Aside from having a lot of fun exploring protein targets with DeepMind’s AlphaFold tool, they also help illustrate something important, which is the degree of confidence around the various aspects from dark blue for high confidence and yellow for very low confidence predictions.

Tau, if you haven’t yet seen it, is truly a hot mess compared to today’s choice!

While there is always the concern about whether a particular protein is a marker or a valid oncogene target, we have to start somewhere and see where the clinical trials take us because some modalities might turn out to be much better ways of approaching the problem of ‘druggability’ than others.

I went into this foray with an open mind and some degree of hope because let’s face it, we need more new agents against novel targets than we do of yet more me-toos against old targets…

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