Up in the air

Last week and this week have been a crazy time in the cancer conference schedule…

To see what I mean, we attended the AACR specialist meeting on aggressive lymphomas (DLBCL) on Thursday and Friday, then Monday and Tuesday heralded silly o’clock (5am) starts for the 3rd Annual Crick International Cancer Conference in London, now we’re dialed into another AACR specialist event on Tumour Immunology and Immunotherapy, not to mention the Targets/TRIPLE meeting coming up later this week as well.  There were also a couple of excellent lunch time lectures thrown in to the mix as well.

It’s all systems go, Thunderbirds!

Sometimes it’s as though we’re living in a modern Third Life during the pandemic where remote events allow one to easily ‘fly’ around the globe, eagerly dropping into intriguing meetings we likely wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to in person.

The good news is one gets to learn an incredible amount from the sessions and doesn’t accidentally switch into a giant skeletal Zombie avatar (yes I did that once, much to my embarrassment), the bad news is finding the time to actually sit down, think clearly, and write up one’s chicken scratch notes to share with readers.

Before I dash off again to listen to some cool keynotes from Drs Miriam Merad and Crystal Mackall, it’s take to take a deep breath and explore some of the learnings from the Lymphoma meeting as a kind of early ASH21 Preview because there will be important readouts coming out in December…

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