In order to make a lasting difference, is it time to move on from the limitations of traditional CAR-T cell therapies?

At ASH this year there are a number of cool new early developments coming along in this space.

We will be covering these from different companies in the field today (part one) and tomorrow (part two) in the latest BSB mini-series.

And no, I’m not talking about traditional CAR-T cell therapies in 2L DLBCL, such as we saw in an oral session yesterday and the plenary today, which drew sparkly reviews and plaudits from many in the ASH audience.

At some point in the future they will be knocked of their perch by newer products with enhanced performance and improved outcomes.

Some of these potential advances will likely be under many people’s radar, so this is an excellent opportunity to explain the biology behind some of the ongoing issues and explore what a few creative companies are secretly doing behind the scenes to fix them…

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