At a relatively quiet JPM devoid of the usual intense deal flurry many seem to thrive on, perhaps the biggest news this year has been the Arrakis-Amgen RNA (as opposed to using small molecules) degrader collaboration announced this afternoon. You can check out the published work on their RNA degrader concept here.

Pathway to success for TPD may lie in taking aim at intractable targets

There’s still plenty of mileage to come from the traditional approach though, something we covered yesterday and highlight again today in two very different expert interviews.

For me, regardless of which approach you choose to use, the long term potential of these agents in oncology is in the ability to eliminate targets previously thought to be intractable, thereby expanding the ‘druggable’ proteome.

In our latest expert interview, we highlight one company’s efforts against an array of difficult or intractable targets with their protein degrader platform…

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