In the first part of our bispecific antibody review from the AACR front (the second will post next week), we highlight some strategic issues of interest to the field through the lens of several company’s data being presented at the meeting.

When we look at the themes of the meeting (right) we learn about the focus for this year’s event:

  • Decoding cancer complexity
  • Integrating science
  • Transforming patient outcomes

These are all particularly relevant to the the bispecific niche because whilst there are many of them, not all will make it to the finish line if they fail to improve outcomes and some will be consigned to the dreaded dog drug heaven status.

Think about it – you can have the grooviest bispecific molecule design ever, but if people taking it don’t live longer then it will likely get canned down the road in order to make way for a new era of novel targets and agents.

It’s time for some weekend reading – in the first part of our look at the bispecific antibody space, we highlight five key elements (with examples) to watch out for…

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