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We’ve written extensively about various cellular therapy approaches in hematologic malignancies involving T cells and natural killer (NK) cells over the last few years, but if we are to see significant lasting success in solid tumours then we may need to consider the involvement of other immune cells.

Indeed, if they can be engineered in some way to enhance the anti-tumour response then they might turn out to rather useful in combination with existing established approaches such as checkpoint blockade as a way to generate more responses.

How do we go about achieving this state?

There are some very intriguing and different approaches in early development that we plan to follow over time. Here, we explore this potential and the possibilities through our latest in-depth expert interview…

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It’s finally time…

US Capitol Building, DC

By popular request from BSB readers, we have a CAR T cell therapy preview of the main abstracts to watch out for, including talks and posters, and what emerging themes to expect are likely to be.

If you are registered on the AACR site and signed in, then clicking on any of the abstracts highlighted in this review will enable you to add any interesting ones you fancy to your conference itinerary.

There’s a surprising amount to cover this year, especially when we consider the incredible work that’s ongoing to address a number of suboptimal aspects in the construct developments.  It’s continuing to progress at warp speed, so hold onto your hats and buckle down for our latest rock around the AACR clock.

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